Studio on Strathcona

MOSAIKA – Modern, stunning and thought-provoking art crafted by Dimitry Melman Komar.

The Artist – Dimitry Melman Komar

Professional skills summary:

Born in Moscow, Dimitry started his art training in Russia, where his father was also an artist.

Dimitry immigrated to Canada in 1981 at age 18 with his mother and stepfather. They settled in Winnipeg, where he studied art history and design at the University of Manitoba. Dimitry went on to travel to many different countries; he trained in the arts mainly in France, and was exposed to the art of mosaics while visiting Italy, Spain, and Morocco. When Dimitry returned to Canada, he set up a business called Mosaika.

Dimitry hand-cuts each piece so that it can be incorporated into his overall design. He then painstakingly places each tile to create unique works of art.
While mosaics comprise a significant amount of Dimitry’s artistic output, his first love remains painting. Sketching and painting in oil and acrylics allow Komar to experiment with mood, structure, layer, and meaning – concepts, which are deeply rooted in his artistic practice. The results of these experiments are artworks which combine experience and emotion – art that is at once grounded in artistic tradition and also refreshingly modern.​

  • Superior artistic design skills and expertise in creating paintings, mosaics, advertising layout and design
  • Child and adult workshop facilitation
  • Excellent organizational skills with superior strength in the planning and execution of programs, projects, and exhibits
  • Strong ability to perform physically demanding and detailed work, and meet high work standards
  • Solid interpersonal skills with the ability to work at all levels within an organization
  • Ability to plan, problem solve, and meet deadlines
  • Design, development, and facilitation of workshops, special events, and courses
  • Strong marketing and promotions skills, including community, business, and media contacts
  • Curating exhibits, cataloguing artifacts, and handling art objects